Touching Power Within

A journey home

Organic growth

Raw, instinctive, earthbound,

Spirit Colors Dance

Feeling their way home to acceptance

Touching pathways to power within

An ongoing journey home to yourself



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 The Body is the Landscape of Our Mind
  Each of us is a sacred landscape.  In my journey toward self awareness and acceptance, toward finding my passion, along with developing my skill base, I reconnected with my Mind and Body as a sacred landscape whose wonder and elegance are born of earth, air, fire, water and spirited with unique soulfulness. My search for understanding and meaning about myself and my life began when I was very young. I wondered about many things that I saw and heard, touched, tasted and smelled. I Ioved being in nature where I felt I belonged. Indoors, I noticed the way my parents, teachers and friends talked at me, not to me.
 I learned very early that "children were to be seen and not heard." I had many feelings about all of the above, yet, no one noticed those feelings, thus I began to act out to get attention. I also began to "manufacture" real aches and pains hoping to be noticed and comforted.  I learned much later in life that being seen, supported and comforted are basic needs that are essential for health and well being.  My educational path followed my quest for self understanding in body, mind, heart and soul. Click above on
My Educational Journey to see how my undergraduate degree in History/Education - 1967 led
  to my final Certification in 1996. I've been blessed with incredible Mentors all along my road less traveled...Listen within and you will find your way, always with a few detours!
 In 1981 I started TOUCHING POWER LLC in the first wave of WELLNESS  EDUCATION in the Twin Cites. I saw clients for Counseling or Esalen Massage working both on my own and with a Psychiatrist and other therapists.  I held Mind/Body workshops and retreats in the venues listed below. My work has evolved over the years as is described in this website.                    
                                     Franciscan Center for Holistic Living - WomenWell
                                            Integrative Mind/Body Seminars -17 years
                     Co - Founder- Center in the City - A Center for Holistic Spirituality - 10 years
                            Workshops around the Twin Cities with Teachers / Nurses - 10 years
                                         Clients from the Business Community - ongoing
                              Classes/Retreats in the Twin Cities and SouthWestern Wisconsin
                           Pesso Boyden Systems Psychomotor Workshops... 1988 to the present
                                   Integral Transformative Practice Workshops...1990s to the present
                         Pachamama Alliance - Awakening The Dreamer Symposiums 2010 - 2016
                        Women for Women International Sponsorship Program 2013 to the present