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After completing Masters Degrees in the Midwest in American Cultural History followed by a degree in Theology/Pastoral Counseling , both while teaching and doing retreat work on Collage Campuses, I took a sabbatical year 1977-78 in the Bay area where I connected with my Body/Mind in a new and deeper way through immersion in the Culture of the Bay area that was open to Feminism along with the Peace, Gay, and Back to the Earth movements. Within that Culture I immersed myself in body theology, ritual and dance, transpersonal psychology and earth centered and eastern spiritualities along with alternative therapies for health and healing...Esalen Massage, Feldenchrist exercises, and the power of visualization and relaxation. This 9 month experience became the footprint for the rest of my life.



The BIG SUR Coast from Point Lobos State Park, South to Esalen Institute became my metaphor for

"Life as JOURNEY."

From 1979-1985 I made yearly pilgrimages to be in this rugged beauty and natural wonder of Mother Earth. As I treated myself to this  exquisite beauty and wonder, my final destination, ESALEN INSTITUTE, was where I re-treated myself with mentors and teachers like I had never experienced before in a community environment of acceptance for everyone...wherever they were in their life's journey. 



View of BIG SUR COAST from the cliffs at ESALEN INSTITUTE



                    -EAST and WEST- MEDITATION and ACTION-

THE POWER of TOUCH - ESALEN MASSAGE with Peggy Horan and Britta - Certified

Integral Transformative Practices with George Leonard

Introductions to Reichian, Gestalt and Bioenergetic Therapy  

Trager Psychophysical Integration -  both here and in Minneapolis- Certified

Shamanic work with Michael Harner - both here and in Minneapolis

Pesso Boyden Systems, Psychomotor - a former participant at Esalen (from Minneapolis) was my link to Psychomotor - I trained at Strolling Woods in New Hampshire, Minneapolis, Boston - Certified 1996