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Embodying Your True Self

Becoming aware of the sensory responses in our body as we are talking about something, as well as naming the emotion that is animating our body and our words as we speak, is both an art and a science. The more we learn about the biology of the brain and its chemistry, the more we know that thoughts create chemical reactions in our body which in turn create feelings that drive body and behavioral responses.

Through mind/body/spirit technologies and processes, clients come to know the true scene inside themselves and experience cognitive, affective and physical interactions which can bring a sense of validation and relief -- the beginning of feeling personally empowered. Mind/Body and Transpersonal approaches support my clients emotionally and spiritually.

       * Psychomotor Systems - In small groups, both learn and experience the method and process.

                                                 - Also individual sessions are available with Kathryn.


        *Counseling and Energy Healing - Experienced both as "hands on" table work OR Sitting Comfortably

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