David's Testimony

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Embody Your True Self


Addresses personal issues in the here and now where we feel stuck, blocked in our growth or simply need someone to be with us supporting and guiding us through a difficult or challenging time in our life.

 Integral Transformative Exercises for grounding, relaxing, mind/body awareness and centering, we are able to tap into our true scene of thoughts, feelings and memory, empowering us in our healing process. Sometimes table work can be included.

Body/Mind Table Work - wearing  loose comfortable clothing

Utilizes  Energy Psychology methodologies for relaxation while being present to energy movement within...body and being

*Trager Psychophysical Integration asks-  "What could be lighter, looser, softer and free/er in body and being! Through gentle movement that rocks and stretches our body we are able to experience how it feels to be embodied in a relaxed, softer,  lighter, looser way...standing more erect, open, relaxed, lightening up both body, mind and being! 

*Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Craniosacral Therapy use light touch approaches that release tensions deep in the body's mind...our central nervous system... relieving pain and dysfunction in body and being along with a sense of connecting to our Life Force energy within, producing a sense of deep relaxation and well being. Mantras and/or Affirmations are used as needed.