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A Fresh Holistic Mind Body Approach

A mind/body/spirit approach for unfinished business and residue from family of origin and/or our cultural or religious systems that created physical/mental/emotional/spiritual scars in various stages of our lives. This work addresses cognitive frameworks, stuck feelings and/or dissatisfying behaviors that continue to adversely impact our health and well-being.
Psychomotor is a system of emotional reprocessing, a powerful way for our body to consciously engage memory and emotional energy that has been stored either as hyperarousal or numbing out patterns. Those longstanding responses to stressful situations are what impact negatively on our physical and psychospiritual well being.
Pesso Boyden Systems Psychomotor, or PBSP  supports and  assists us in detoxifying our body's memories by accessing what the body already knows at a sensory level and the mind has forgotten. Each client's true scene is uniquely choreographed and "ego wrapped" through this process bringing a sense of safety, support and well being.
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